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This list of 23 exciting new restaurants and bars to check out in Dallas-Fort Worth in summer 2022 is the hottest Hot List we’ve published since this series started last fall. And it’s not just because the weather is heating up. It’s because the past six weeks of restaurant openings have turned out the biggest and boldest restaurants we will likely see all year in North Texas.

Corbin See compares creating a restaurant to making music. “It’s like putting out an album and watching it get played over and over again and watching people enjoy it,” he says. An interior designer at Sees Design, he’s one of four co-founders of Duro Hospitality Group, which has had a string of successes since The Charles made its debut in 2018.

In more expansion news, Duro Hospitality, the restaurant group behind other high-end spots The Charles and Sister, has plans to open three restaurants this year including a three-room hotel called Casa Duro and Café Duro, a cafe market adjacent to Sister on Lower Greenville.

Duro Hospitality is a restaurant group that mainly aligns itself with high-end domains such as The Charles and Sister, and is seeking more endeavors to expand their production. The hospitality group is making great strides as it plans to open three new restaurant innovations including a three-room hotel soon-to-be known as Casa Duro and a cafe market named Cafe Duro in close proximity to Sister on Lower Greenville.

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Café Duro will soon open next to Sister as a coffee shop and Italian market with pre-cut meets, paninis, and pastries. Next, the hospitality group is taking ownership of the historic site of the former Highland Park Soda Fountain on Knox Street, with plans to debut a new restaurant this fall — more to come on that later. And lastly, an unnamed concept is headed for the corner of Cole and Riverfront in the Design District in mid-2022.

Duro Hospitality’s first leap into the hotel industry, it consists of three apartments above Sister Restaurant, which will be available for short and long-term stays. There’s one 1-bedroom and two 2-bedrooms, all renovated and completely furnished, including kitchens.

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Cafe Duro is an Italian market and cafe next door to Sister on Greenville Avenue in East Dallas. It’s a tiny place, at 900 square feet. After it opens in the next few months, customers can expect to find sandwiches, coffee and wine. Those who love the food at The Charles and Sister will also be happy to find pre-made pastas, charcuterie, cheese and pastries from those restaurants.

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